Expert Interior Designers suggest that one can completely revamp a room by simply replacing their old curtains with new ones. Differently styled curtains can provide a wide range of themed looks to various rooms by fancying up the doors or windows of the kitchen, bedroom, balcony and front yard. To select the right choice of fabric and design for curtain warrants a wholesome knowledge of interiors because curtains can really make or break a space. However, there is a diverse range of curtain designs to pick from, making it essential for us to make an educated choice. Versatile and customizable, there is so much one can do with room curtains reflecting their individual tastes and preferences.



When considering the color of your curtains, the amount of sunlight that filters through the windows is of vital significance. If the room gets plenty of sunlight, it's best to give bright colors a wide berth, since they tend to fade eventually. Nowadays, minimalism is in trend; making tones of white the most widely accepted choice. In fact, different shades of white can be utilized, ranging from pearl-white to milky tones and snowy shades. Sheer white curtains in a living room can nicely complement leather furnishings. Even minimalist white walls can be juxtaposed against beige curtains to lend your home a new-age, modernistic vibe. Moreover, expert designers always take inspiration from nature to create neutral color palettes that complement well with each other. White curtains blend seamlessly with nature in this impressionist-style living room which is light and whimsical, just like a garden.



Bold execution of deep tones against walls of a lighter shade belonging to the same palette, has been in vogue for quite a while. Having colored walls shouldn’t stop you from getting your hands on dark-toned curtains. The almost-matching curtains complement the already bold space, while adding a depth to the room. The curtains and the shades come in complementary colors, and almost-matching patterns can too be used to add texture; giving the room a dynamic twist. Though, one should always avoid overdoing the already pattern-filled room.


These bright curtains showcase our vibrant summer colors, adding a quirky element to your space. The curtains can be made from a heavier fabric, which is ideal if you're looking to add a spark of color to your space. It gives an eccentric vibe to the otherwise sterile room with fun geometric curtains that pop. The key is not being afraid of color, and the patterned curtains are no exception. Curtains in bold hues and plain patterns are in vogue and can give the welcoming and cordial ambience you need. One can also play with minimal color and maximum pattern, which is delightfully accented to achieve a bright, cheerful vibe. For example a pop of sunny yellow can brighten an otherwise neutral living room.



In a furniture setting comprising of silk or velvet; curtains made with rich and luminous fabrics partnered with addition of small touches of ornate décor can give a royal and majestic look to even a bland looking, practical apartment. Such curtains embellish the walls of both dark and light hues. One can even add a lightly textured pattern to the equation to further accentuate and highlight the rooms especially in upscale homes.

Infuse these curtain designs to your homes to give it a brand new feel. Whether it is mixing and matching sheers with opaque designs for living room or playing with deep tones and heavy fabrics in your bedroom, try to go for a different treatment in each room. Every room has a different vibe in a home and deserves a unique design.