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5 furnishing ideas to transform your space into “2019 luxe interior icon”

“An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author!”

They say, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” we say a beautifully decorated HOME speaks millions. Oh, Namaste! Thanks for inviting us to your home and it look beautiful (NAY!). It looks super boring. Is that what your guests utter sotto voce?

It’s high time to give an edge to your interior space by glamorizing it with some grand and some itsy-bitsy furnishing details.

Refine your walls with eclectic WALLPAPERS

The quickest way to match the tones and colors of your wall palette with your mood and taste is to adorn them with eclectic wallpapers. The comprehensive textures, colors, and styles of these wallpapers set every room with a positive vibe gifting you with a liberal choice option.

Dress up your doors and windows with bespoke CURTAINS

Imagine a living room decked up in chintz curtains or the iridescent chenille. These hang loose in frills and styles all furled up or unfolded to invite a whiff of air or to permeate privacy. In addition, the curtain furnishings add layers of visual interest and charm to a room.

Bring hygge with Cushions and Upholstery

Cushions and upholstery are the curling buddies which let you unwind. Choose Olefin fabric for long-lasting upholstery comfort or Cotton to resist fading and wearing. The end motive is to bring a quality of coziness and warmth. Throw cuddly cushions sewed in soft fabrics and draped in digital prints or velvety silk on your furniture to add bundles of snuggly invites.

Don’t underestimate playful RUGS

Rugs lift up the muted aura of any room with a sophisticated charm. They are a great way to inject fun and jollification with colors and patterns. Play with wall-to-wall carpets or short rugs; either way you are going to make your rooms look extremely chic and luscious.

Spruce up your space with Doormats

When furnishing a home from top to toe; how can you leave the doormats behind? They not only do the job of tidying up a space, but these little buddies pull you inside your comfort zone while being grounded to earth. From Logo mats, to Decorative to Scraper and Industrial doormats; there are ample varieties, colors, shapes and texture to furnish different decors and interiors.

So why not step on the latest trends to style your HOME with our 2019 designer furnishing collections? Go contemporary or traditional; shop your choice and glam up your space with the élan of the 2019 furnishing ramp.

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