How it became The ‘RUBY ENTERPRISES’

RUBY ENTERPRISES or popularly Ruby’s Signature started as a homegrown brand in a single room with one sewing machine and one creative woman’s million dynamic ideas. Then, the founder had not imagined that such a humble beginning will turn into a venture known for its bespoke furnishings and a curated collection of exclusive artworks, decorative accessories, bed linen, cushions, carpets, and wallpapers.

Started in 1999 by Ruby Gupta, the eponymous brand specializes in providing extensive and hands-on expertise in soft furnishings. She has dressed up high-end residences across India in her bespoke hand-painted designs and custom fits.

At a time when ready-made curtains were purchased and hung on windows, Ruby Gupta would perfect the length of the curtain to the last millimeter and give full attention to even the inconsequential curtain belt. “We blend our products with personalization, perfection, and modernity. That is why they are equally appealing to different generations within the same family,” says Ruby Gupta, founder, Ruby’s Signature.
Even when designing residences, every step from on-site measurements and client preferences to fabric options, trials, fall, and stitch are all given undivided attention.

“Over two decades, Ruby’s Signature has dressed up many high-end residences and crafted unique collections, but we have kept our promise to our patrons to remain constant in our endeavor to bring luxurious individuality in home-styling,” states Ruby Gupta.

At Ruby’s Signature, we offer a comprehensive medley of bespoke interior designs and home furnishing consultation. We upholster your fantasies with the soft cushions and the colorful shades of our creativity and professionalism. We match your expectations with the wallpapers of our thoughts, ideas, and experience. We raise the curtains of your imaginations with our eclectic real-world transformations.


Mrs. Ruby is a zealous and unconventional design artist. She infuses life into any ordinary space with her artisanal interior designing magic. A meritorious and certified interior designing consultant from the Kurukshetra University, Ruby has learned to draw inspiration from each and everything around her. She keeps filling her décor canvas with ideas from the contemporary, traditional, modern and chic world.

Ruby has a versatile work portfolio spanning from restyling residential, commercial, retail sites to revamping real estate turn-key projects into mesmerizing design spaces. She combines the best of both worlds; her expert consultation and the best quality products from her design studio to serve the clients with an experience beyond their expectations.

Every home designed, decorated and furnished by her oozes a reflection of her impeccable style and the soul and personalities of the owner. She embellishes her dream projects with her contemporary curtains, wallpapers, upholstery, duvets, artifacts, and decorative items. After all, these are her handpicked collections that go in style with her unique charm and design consultation.

Ruby’s Signature provides expert consultation for all your residential and commercial spaces makeover.

Ruby's Signature is the one-stop destination for picking up the best quality decor products.

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