Why the Fuss?

Colors play a significant role in our life. They influence each aspect of it, from choosing the color of our attire to the color of the car we drive; it’s a human tendency to express ourselves through our color preferences. So, it is okay to be a little fussy when it comes to choosing your interior wall paint color. The color you choose can make or break the overall look and design of your home. Moreover, the color palette you pick has a profound effect on your moods and those of the people living with you.

The Gray-Way: Playing with a Neutral Palette

As far as the contemporary interiors are concerned, neutrals and pastels are the way to go. For instance, a monochrome palette with shades of grey, black and white brings grace and texture to your home. These shades, being neutral will give a soothing feel to your vision as well. The shades of grey grant the room a classy and sophisticated aura, making them the foremost choice especially for bedroom walls. Moreover, black and white are the main colors in contemporary styled interiors. Black is often used for adding depth and defining a modern room.

Permutations and Combinations

The palette can also be contrasted with bright and bold colors that play well against neutrals. With walls painted in neutral shades, you have an excellent canvas for bright colored accessories. Neutrals can also be paired with earthy tones of greens and browns. We always tend to feel calm and collective while sitting amidst green foliage. It is the trees that ease our mood, making us feel tranquil and at peace. The same can be applied to the shades of earthy brown and green in your interior; be it on walls, floors or the furniture. This combination not only gives your home a natural ambience but also adds a rustic touch to it.

Colors & Furnishings

Choosing furniture for an existing color palette means that you'll have to decide if it will be neutrally blended or is the main highlight of the room.

Few interior designers favor furnishings that match the wall color to give the room a harmonious and spacious feel to make it look large. Though, things might get tricky if you felt the need to alter the wall colors in future. Therefore, the most preferred approach is to choose furniture that complements the other decor and is neither the center of attention nor blended into the wall color. In this regard, neutral colors are the most common choice for modern homes.

When it comes to modern furnishings; clean and sober geometric shapes are the safest bet. Furniture in shades of black, brown, grey, white or other neutral tones using the natural fibers, add textural appeal giving a sophisticated and practical look to a modern interior. To add a shot of color and texture, pillows in clean geometric shapes can also be used.