As a homeowner, it is very important for you to make sure that your home’s interior design looks welcoming and comfortable. There are a few basic tricks that you can use to enhance the appearance and the comfort quotient of your home. Your home’s cushions play a vitally important role in this, so it is definitely a good idea to start there. In this blog, you’re going to learn more about the latest trends in cushions.

Mystic Gold

Embellish your homes with ornate cushions, decked up with glittering thread-work in gold and sequins. Geometric and stripped patterns are definitely a ‘thumps up’ for a uniquely baroque look. Intricate patterns on a white or beige base offsets beautifully against dark interiors and wooden furnishings, giving your living space an aristocratic look.


Hand-Embroidered Florals

Don’t hesitate to go crazy on floral embroideries, as it comes with a range of options to choose from. The intricately handcrafted embroideries give a unique and cultural appearance to your room. Moreover the designs available in this category are truly impressive; be it royal hues of blue or a more neutral palette. Such cushion covers are an amazing way to give your room an inherently English look when kept on your sofa sets, couch or any other furniture.


Prints & Solids

Colorful cushions are always a delight to watch and feel on any furniture. These can be used to accent light pastel interiors as well as against bright color combinations in your room. They look very attractive when kept in an assorted way and are quickly becoming a hot favorite for new age home décor. Instead of getting a uniform pattern, mix and match the contrasting ones that complement one another. For example, playing with different color palettes and prints; paisley with geometric, floral with plain solids. Mix and match different cushion patterns to provide a somewhat eclectic impact of the same. Keep the cushions in alternating positions on the couch or bed and give a new ambience to the interiors.


Faux Leather

When you are planning to buy designer pillows, leather doesn’t immediately come to mind but it does bring durability & sturdiness to the table. A soothing ochre yellow or grey suede is great for a comfortable and minimalistic look; and deep blue leather will give a more garish and bolder edge to the soft grays and whites. Leather is great for large overstuffed pillows that you can throw yourself onto at the end of a long day. Choose leather decorative pillows with fringe, to own the leather look while adding more texture for a rustic spirit.

To make your house look elegant and trendy, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Just use your creativity and personal favorites and create something new that is as unique as you are.

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