Nestled within a vibrant neighborhood of the City Beautiful, Chandigarh, this enchanting residence is spread over an area of 3500 sq. ft. This encapsulating home is owned by a family of five and their two beloved dogs, who run a successful business specializing in Indian handicrafts and antiques. Their passion for these treasures is evident throughout the house, where modern and heritage design elements blend seamlessly.

Uniting the warmth of tradition with contemporary design, the talented designer duo, Mrs. Ruby Gupta and Ms. Vanya Aggarwal have skilfully curated a space that harmoniously blends the beauty of Indian craftsmanship with modern-day sensibilities and comforts.

Drawing Room

As one steps into this abode, a symphony of textures, colors, and intricate detailing instantly captures the eye. The drawing room boasts classicism with beautifully carved furniture and a fireplace, infused with the most trending traditional element, cane. Done in tones of ivory, and beige, the drapes ensure the rich ambience of the formal space while adding a palatial feel with the embroidered accents and sumptuous damask fabrics.


The Mandir has been highlighted with the double carved pillar framing the entrance with deities intricately carved on both sides.

Living Area

The one requirement, our homemaker had from the very first meeting was a traditional swing in her house, where she could sit and enjoy a cup of tea. “Our aim was to make the feature the swing as an epicenter of the living area with all elements working to compliment it,” says Vanya. While the swing was selected with intricate brass carved chains, paying homage to our resident’s devotion to Indian craftsmanship, a contemporary color palette was carefully infused with the fabrics and wall paneling.

Dining Area

The focal point of the dining room is a massive window that stretches from floor to ceiling, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood the space and offering breathtaking views of the outer landscape. The window is adorned with beautiful drapes that gracefully cascade from top to bottom. In the center of the dining room sits a magnificent stone dining table, where the dining chairs are upholstered in captivating color scheme of deep greens and blues, interspersed with hints of lilac.

Master Bedroom

The heads of the family wanted a joyful, warm, and vibrant room, just like themselves. It can be said that the master bedroom is a spirited Lotus haven, with printed wallpapers used in a very distinctive way, and further complimented by teak wood paneling, handcrafted cotton feel furnishings, and the showstoppers, the brass carved wooden coffee tables. The essence is best captured with natural light pouring through the large windows in the room, truly a serene space.

Formal Living Area

In conclusion, the residence serves as a testament to the perfect marriage between Indian aesthetics and modern interior design. By skilfully fusing tradition and contemporary elements, the interiors of this home become an enchanting canvas that tells the story of a family’s passion for Indian handicrafts and their dedication to
creating a harmonious living space.