A 4BHK, 2000-square-feet home in Chandigarh opens up views to verdant greenery outside while maintaining a warm and inviting vibe inside. The clients (a couple with three kids) wanted the home to reflect elegance while being a warm family nest. “We aimed at creating a space which perfectly concocted their sentiments, family values, and every member’s individual characteristic. Draped in earthy tones of beiges and browns with highlights of woven accents, this home is a perfect example of a Modern-Artisanal Home. Throughout the space, textures and patterns balanced with metal accents give a feeling of true elegance and luxury.” Said Ruby Gupta, Chief Designer of Ruby’s Signature.

The house opens into an entry passage that radiates a sense of warmth with wooden panels and white hues. A decorative cabinet paired with a mirror and decked with delicate flowers adds to the overall sense of comfort and warmth of the apartment.

At the end of the entry passage, a sprawling room splits from the living and dining room to form a private seating with an expandable physical partition. The Drawing Room sports furniture in earthy tones. The subtle grey accent wall enhances the green color of the suede armchairs while soft furnishings in similar hues and tones add grace to the overall look. For enhancing the luxe factor patterned cushions and delicate trims are teamed with metal accents.

The living area merges into the dining room which radiates with earthy tones. Showcasing the soft, the leather of the dining chairs highlights the luxe flavor of the apartment’s aesthetic. The marble table top with metal accents highlighted with laser-cut placemats adds an opulent touch to the textures of the space.

The master bedroom is enhanced with a subtle ombre of beige and brown. Paired with an expressive, woven, two-colored basket weave headrest, the master bed enhances the textural weight of the room with its artisanal interfaces. The two paintings bring out the apartment’s underlying experimental narrative. The bed linen juxtaposes with the white hues of the room. Displaying the beige and brown hues and clean ombre, the elusive curtains crest the master bedroom with elegance and grace.

The kid’s bedroom is inspired by the imageries of the picture books.
Youthful and Dream-like in aesthetic, the children’s room embodies the imagination of its young inhabitants. Inspired by the playful and quirky imageries and furniture, this space is an amalgamation of accessories and play spaces.

The guestroom projects a harmonious blush and beige palette. Bringing out the artistic expression of the room, the wall frames add a sense of drama to the room. The floral bedding and sift furnishings complement the curtains beautifully.