Exhibiting its spring-like bright and open vibe is this luxurious home for a family of five, located in the beautiful Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida. Spread across 14,000 sqft., the Goel Residence is an ode to lavish neoclassical exteriors, rich with splendor and imbued with contemporary elements in the interiors. Ruby Gupta, founder of her eponymous furnishings firm with her team transformed this spacious home with admirable design expertise, crafty décor elements and refreshing pops of color, pattern, and intricacy added through furnishings.

“The client wanted their space to transform into a warm, welcoming, and luxurious home, comprising of a blend of different styles”, she said when asked about the design intent. With attention to detail being paramount, every element has been meticulously incorporated.

The space then opens into the dining and living room that presents a vibrant painting putting together a picturesque corner with the massive stone table and delicate chandelier.

Moving forward emerges a softer color palette, comprising textured walls highlighted with wallpapers and curtains. The décor has been strategically planned in a way that complements its understated elements.

The everyday dining is refreshed with a greener palette and a statement chevron pattern on the wall to enhance the alcove finished with accessories combining visuals and functionality in a simple, yet comprehensive fashion.

Tales of grandeur resonate in the bedrooms, each crafted with utmost care to embody the personality of its occupants. The master bedroom expresses luxury and flamboyance. It features an exquisite muted drape paired with a complementary border against the exquisite Sabyasachi wallpaper framed perfectly inside a teak molding offset with a texture on either side.

The daughter’s bedroom adopts distinct feminine aesthetic with a harmony of mint green and white undertones articulated with a lace sheer to retain the brightness and freshness of the room. The delicate wallpaper in this bedroom is wonderfully coordinated with the hues of the furnishings with utmost attention to detail.

The son’s bedroom embraces a minimal design in a stark shift from the opulence brimming in the rest of the house. Grey walls, with Prussian blue accents use in furnishings. The ombre drapes compose the narrative of the son’s bedroom accompanied with the chevron patten in the upholstery and wallpaper. Its clean lines and thoughtful design and colors provide a sense of calm and relaxation

Balancing comfort with luxury, and beautifying it with details, the design in this home is infused with “The thoughtful curation of spaces amalgamating various design aesthetics and personal tastes of the clients is what gave this house its unique voice and enhanced the spatial quality for all users” said Aarushi Chandra designing in cohesion with Ruby Gupta, for the clients, Manisha & Sanjeev Goel who were an equal collaborator in crafting this beautiful, suburban home built by Paaras Heritage consultants for the team at Ruby’s Signature to transform and create a sophisticated aesthetic.