Presenting a residential project in Chandigarh which is a three-story house that is homing 3 generations, furnished by us with love and considering individual preferences and comfort. Curtains, Cushions, upholstery, and bedding had our clear focus. Fabricated with touches of Velvet & Cotton Ruby’s Signature takes pride in presenting its exceptional residential project, ‘The Gulati’s’.
Deeply comfortable and excitingly modern, ‘Living Area’ was canvassed with combinations of the greys, the ochre, and the teal.
The drawing-room took up a typical classic outline adorned with ornate valances, the curtains and cushions are accessorized with trims and tassels.
Energized from classical antiquity ‘Dining Area’ was offered a neoclassic touch with Pastel hues of pinks & whites, Embroidered sheer curtains, and of course the Plush velvet upholstery
Embroidered curtains & Cushions, the fur throw, and the subtle print duvet cover vitalize ‘The Master Bedroom’ and spread a breath of life all across.
Their pretty Daughter’s room took in the cotton and velvet with beautiful floral prints making it chic-siesta and modern, exactly how she loves it.
Their Son’s room invited us to give it a hint of modern decor asking for the right ombre bedding, the nasty asymmetric curtains with the sassy combinations of the grey and ochre.
What stole the show though? The Home theatre and the modern space. How can they always be so lit?
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